Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black Pearl Techs!

Finding how the rugs will enter and exit: Nishi Hamrick, Sound Intern; Eric Tysinger, Stage Manager; Stephanie Jobe, Assistant Stage Manager; Sean Dumm, Production Intern

Sarah "Scout" Hough on the light board.

During a tech rehearsal: Stage Manager, Eric Tysinger; Lighting Designer, John Wolf; Scenic Designer, Robin Vest; & Lighting Intern, Scout Hough

The Costume Clan outside the dressing rooms: Wardrobe Intern, Andy Cutler; Stitcher, Sophia Clark; Costume Designer, Kelsey Hunt; & Draper, Heather Vandergriff

Going over the script: Artistic Intern, Asha el-Shair & Actor, Bernadette Quigley

Kelsey setting 1930s finger waves into a wig.

Managing time and everything else: Our Production Manager Christy Wright

Your wide-eyed photographer, Drew Barker

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some of us on the job...

Here's Justin & Emilia in the box office.

That's Shelley offering some cheese cloth as she paints.

Here's Nick doin' up some lights.
They're working on the set and lights for Black Pearl Sings!
More photos of this process will be forthcoming as they are captured.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Inaugural Blogpost

Welcome to our new blog where we will updating our process and progress as a theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina--a city much like other cities in a time when we all are attempting to keep our spirits high in light of many dynamic changes in our country.

The plays we are striving to create here at Triad Stage speak to our spirit this season: The Night of the Iguana showed us the challenges of facing despair and moving beyond it; Bell, Book & Candle magically revealed how love can make us see things again for the first time; and Beautiful Star cheered us once again with holiday music inspired from Appalachia.

We now are getting prepared to open Black Pearl Sings! at the end of this month on January 29th (previews begin on the 25th). As with Ghosts, and the other plays that will follow on our mainstage and in our cabaret space, this blog will chronicle our creative process and our artistic progress.

Keep checking back here to see behind the scenes photos and interviews, along with other interesting bits that will give you a better picture as to what goes on Inside Triad Stage.