Monday, April 27, 2009

More images during tech week for BBVR

Anya with our dare-devil Amy.

Our own redhead, Anya Klepikov the costume & set designer, seems to have no vendettas here in Greensboro and that sets our assistant stage manager, Geoff Baronda, at ease.

Anya speaks with Kelsey about color choices.

Norman Coates & Robbie Virenzo look at and discuss light changes. Both the lighting designer and the master electrician are visiting us from UNCSA.

Amy Peter, our props master, cuts out wig head patterns in order to cover some of heads that are used atop the set.

Geneva Conway Beninson, the sound designer for this show, sits at her table during tech.

Scout tries explain how adjust a lighting instument-- or maybe how to drive a go-cart.

Here Amanda Baker Lane talks with Asha about ideas for Mad at Miles when Amanda was the scenic artist for that show.

And here are a couple of my favorite people again, talking about arrivals and departures.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tech for The Blonde, The Brunette and The Vengeful Redhead

Projectionist Michael Kohler looks at how the projections actually appear on the set.

Director Eleanor Holdridge talks with projectionist Michael Kohler, assistant stage manager Geoff Boronda and the projection designer Bill McCord at tech notes.

Here they are again earlier at break trying to solve the question of how projections should relate to the lights and the sound during the transitions.

The set is interactive.

Here are a couple of characters Kate Goehring will play.

Eleanor Holdridge speaks with Norman Coates.

The costume and set designer, Anya Klepikov, looks out over the stage from atop the set.

Geoff Boronda backstage in the shadows.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Focus for The Blonde, The Brunette & The Vengeful Redhead

A focus is when the lighting people get together and hang the lights, then "focus" them by pointing, shuttering, rotating, and more to get the desired effect before the rest of the tech process happens with costumes, set, and the actors.

In the center of the light is Norman Coates, the lighting designer.

Here is Norman giving us his rendition of an Apple press conference.

Anya Klepikov, the costume and set designer, looks on from the outskirts. (She will be more visible later in tech.)

Scout, the lighting intern, focuses a lighting instrument.

Robbie Virzera, the master electrician for this show, helps Scout out with direction.

Norman Coates, the lighting designer, looks over his plot as Scout looks up.

He's all about focusing.

More to come later...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Preston in Harvey's Kitchen

Follow the link below to view a few hilarious anecdotes from the life of Preston Lane.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Blonde, The Brunette, & The Vengeful Redhead

Rehearsals have begun for our first one-woman show.

There will be wigs...

Kate Goehring talks about one of the seven characters she will play during table work.

Kate Goehring rehearses in front of the director, Eleanor Holdridge.

Geoff Boronda sets out wigs after rehearsal as Kelsey Hunt, the costume shop supervisor, and Kate Goehring discuss make-up nuances for the show.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PostScript for Ghosts

PostScript is our talkback with the actors where the audience is invited to ask questions to the actors after the show. The actors talking back: Rebecca Nerz, Jeff West, Blake DeLong, Gloria Biegler, & David McCann.

Here we have rapt patrons enjoying drinks & cheesecake in our Upstage Cabaret.

(All photos by Asha)

Drinks & Cheesecakes by Alex were consumed, great questions were asked, & one question could not be answered, but instead was thrown back to the audience: "Did Mrs. Alving do what her son requests at the end of the play?" The majority of the audience answered in the affirmative, but Gloria (who plays Mrs. Alving) sagely abstained from answering the question so as not to compromise the process of the other actors & the work as a whole.