Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oleanna in Rehearsal and Tech

Oleanna by David Mamet has now entered tech/dress rehearsals at Triad Stage.
Lighting designer John Wolf intentionally evokes the look of a boxing ring because of the combative nature of the play.

Julie Allen runs the light board.

Kaylyn Lowe runs the sound board.

Ginny Lee talks to Preston Lane as Lee Spencer looks on.

Ginny Lee as Carol casts one of many dubious glances at her fellow actor playing John.

Lee Spencer as John wrangles with a telephone call. (The sound designer, David Smith, called the telephone a veritable 3rd character.)

A shot from the control booth.

"What do you want of me?"

There are many things in this play that raise tensions...


Lee Spencer plays John.

Ginny Lee plays Carol.

Preston Lane directs.


JOHN: ...that's my job don't you know...
CAROL: What is?
JOHN: To provoke you.

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